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Book description

There are many reasons the current direction of the publishing industry is a shame, but one of the biggest is that it means fewer of sprawling, epic novels will be published (unless, of course, they are written by someone like Tom Wolfe, which is an even bigger shame.) As a result, a novel like Kinflicks would probably never be published today. Kinflicks reminded me a lot of one of my favorite books, Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maugham, in that it is a coming-of-age novel that not only addresses the life of its protagonist, but that it also addresses Big Ideas and Big Institutions with more than a hint of irreverence. Maugham had his go at the 19th century Parisian art world; Alther takes her run at everything from small-town teenage life in the 1960s to separatist-feminist commune life and the sphere of domesticity in the 1970s. Nothing is off-limits. Everything is game for satire.(Mind you, just because she rips on the whole proto-MWMF deal does not mean Alther is not a feminist. On the contrary, I sometimes felt like I was being walloped about the head with her politics, which are straight-up second-wave. I actually thought it was pretty awesome, but I can see how others would be turned off by that. Ditto for her frank discussion of sex. There is no fading to black. There is, however, a glow-in-the-dark condom and an unfortunate incident with some handcuffs.) Which reminds me, this book also called to mind another writer I enjoy, John Irving, and probably more specifically, The World According to Garp. Its more than just the second-wave milieu in which the novels are set, but also how people are killed or maimed in some pretty grotesque ways or the way every person or place is given a full backstory, complete with obsessions, tics, disfigurements, bizarre relationships, and so on. Plus, Irving also writes novels that have scope, that cross decades and generations, that tell the stories of peoples lives, which is exactly what Alther does here.(God, now I am sad for bygone literary eras. How annoying is that.)I would say that anyone who enjoys John Irving and who has a fascination with second-wave feminism (like me!) would enjoy reading this book. I know I loved it, and I am glad I heard about it, because knowing that I could have gone my entire life without reading this book makes me very sad indeed.

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