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Book description

Nikki Grimes is a poet and author who previously won the Coretta Scott King Award for her Jazmins Notebook. In Bronx Masquerade, Grimes has created a tapestry of cultures taking place in a Harlem high school. As part of a Black History Month challenge, I have read this young adult novel about teenagers creating poetry as a a means of dealing with the challenges of everyday life. Mr Ward, a hip eleventh grade English teacher, has inspired his students to share their poetry as part of their unit on the Harlem Renaissance. Over the course of the novel, we meet eighteen students from all walks of life who have found a safe space in Mr Wards classroom. Most are African American but there are a few Puerto Rican, Italian, Jewish, and Caucasian students. Many believe that they have few friends apart from their immediate family members. All aspire to attend college and move beyond the teenage angst their face on a daily basis. The poetry they write and share in Mr Wards class has allowed all the students to reflect on their lives and realize just who they are, and what dreams and aspirations they have. The poetry Grimes has created for each student is raw and powerful. We meet Devon, a basketball player and honors student who desires to be known as more than a jock. Lupe at first wants to have a baby like her best friend Gloria and sister Christina but would like to be the first one in her family to go to college. Tanisha is the class beauty who designs her own clothes and strives to be recognized for more than her looks. Steve the lone Caucasian student would like a career in the theater and just wants to fit in during his school career. Finally, Wesley and Tyrone are the students who have the most to gain by the poetry slams and encourage both Mr Ward and their classmates to keep sharing their work. A deserving winner of the Coretta Scott King Award, Grimes Bronx Masquerade is a poignant book that takes much effort to create eighteen distinct voices. While always searching for quality books for my children, Bronx Masquerade is such a book that shows teenagers in a positive light both in and out of the classroom. Portraying eighteen students who aspire to lofty goals, Nikki Grimes relates that everyone can attain their dreams if they work hard toward them. A beautiful collection of teenaged voices and poetry, Grimes Bronx Masquerade is a solid 4 stars.

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