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This is a difficult story to categorize. Former foster child heroine is a busker on the streets of Wellington, NZ - but shes also a university graduate and an aspiring songwriter. Lawyer hero is looking for his younger half-brother who ran away from boarding school. The boys mother has cancer and is fretting about him. Hero is convinced heroine knows where the boy is. Heroine does know where the boy is (hes at a rehab camp), but she has promised the boy to not tell his family until the counselor says its okay for him to renew contact with his family.The heroines promise is sorely tried. The hero is unstoppable - first trying bribery, then threats, then seduction, then kidnapping. But along the way he comes to know the heroine and falls for her just as she falls for him.Its an intense little dance they do, and at times you almost forget the real purpose of the heros interest - finding his half-brother.The heroine has doubts about the heros feelings, but any astute romance reader would know the minute she takes off her hat and he is fascinated with her hair, that he is a goner. This is a smitten hero who is 8 years older than the heroine and is much higher up in the social strata. But the heroine has her integrity and her love of music and her talent for songwriting to keep her going. She has endured all for her music , so a little more discomfort in love is something she can endure. Quibble - why would a university grad not be able to teach or get better gigs than just playing on the streets? Her extreme poverty was far-fetched.Once the boy is reunited with his family, theres a bit more story to go and thats where this story lost a star. I can see why the author wanted the heroine to have success on her own without the heros interference (and she does), it was just told and not shown so the last scenes had minimal emotional impact.This had a feel good ending (at least I felt good when I finished it). They are a well-matched pair. They are both strong and are able to live without each other - but are much better off and happier with each other.

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