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Whatever I expected of Steve Alten, knowing his monstrous pedigree, The Omega Project certainly wasnt it. While it certainly had its moments, and sufficiently entertained me to keep reading through to the very end, it also frustrated me (and even confused me) along the way.Lets start with the frustrations, and get them out of the way. This is a post-apocalyptic science-fiction tale that almost completely bypasses the apocalypse. While thats not always a bad thing, and a lot of books pick up civilization long after anybody remembers what the catastrophe was, this is a book that dances around it, predicts it, prepares for it, and reacts to it, all without really talking about it. I think it would have made for some greater emotional impact if Alten had given us a few more insights into the great die off of humanity.Another frustration was the way the story changed course a few times along the way. Again, those kinds of twists can be refreshing, welcome even, but its the way in which they play out that matters. Here, too much happened off the page to really make the shifts effective. Part of that is a result of the massive time-jumps between sections of the book, which I completely understand, but it felt like they were more work-arounds than justifications.My final frustration - and this is a big one - is just how damned preachy the book became. I expected something of an ecological message, given that we are dealing with a post-apocalyptic world, and that kind of commentary has been standard for the genre lately. What I didnt expect was the spiritualism, and the actual preaching. That element of the story got quite tiresome for me, and really came between me and the characters on too many occasions, somewhat separating me from the sympathies they demanded.Okay, so with that off my chest, on to what I liked. First, I really liked the central mystery of the narrative, and the nagging questions about whether it was all real, a dream, or something else. I honestly wavered back and forth in my opinion several times throughout the book, and even if I didnt particularly care for the answer at the end, I can appreciate how Alten arrived at it. I think that aspect of the novel was very well done.Second, I loved the world, the landscapes, and the evolutionary leaps that Alten describes. Here is where we find that sense of the monstrous that I expected, and he doesnt let the reader down. If anything, I would have liked more description - as rich as it was, there were too many scenes where the transition was lost because we werent grounded in the surroundings - but I cant argue at all with what he provided. Its all very creepy and unsettling, and wondrous in a very dark sort of fashion.Finally, despite my concerns with so much happening off the page, and with the awkwardness of the time jumps, this is an exceptionally fast-paced thriller. On the one hand, it feels very rushed, as if Alten were in a hurry to move us along from one idea to another so that he could dazzle us with the final reveal, but Id much rather that than have an author dwell on things and lead the reader along like kindergarten kids on a field trip. It can get bewildering, and certainly doesnt help with the most confusing aspects, but it really gives the story that big, bold, adventurous pulp feel.Overall, not a great book, but a good one that does manage to dazzle in several areas.Originally reviewed at Beauty in Ruins

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